Bring to life your ability to assess, problem solve, design and modify exercise programs based on your clients’ needs and abilities.

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Have you ever wondered why certain exercises help improve flexibility while others increase strength?

How do you know what key things to focus on in order to improve someone’s form in the most efficient way? 

Have you noticed that sometimes a Pilates workout will make you feel light as a feather, and other times grounded and firm? 

Have you thought about why and how you choose the number of repetitions for any given exercise?

Polestar Principles Online will answer all of these questions and more.

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Deepen your knowledge in current evidence-based research pertaining to movement science, motor learning, bioenergetics, and communication science through Polestar's six principles of movement:




Axial Elongation & Core Control (Alignment)


Spine Articulation



Alignment and Weight Bearing of the Extremities


Organization of the Head, Neck, and Shoulders


Movement Integration

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Hear What Polestar Graduates Are Saying

Ben Willow, SPT 

Physical Therapist, University of Miami Alumni

"It's like putting on new glasses... It's been a missing link in my education. I feel like it's brought everything together in a way and it really should be a class that we have at school."

Frederick Curry, MA, PMA®-CPT

Dancer, University of Rutgers Alumni

"Polestar Pilates has provided me with a holistic, evidence-based framework to apply in my personal movement practice and in my movement teaching... I’ve found Polestar Pilates to be a wonderfully multi-faceted and integrative movement tool."

Nicole Frederic-Lindo, PMA®-CPT 

Polestar Graduate, Pilates Instructor

When you know the answers to the whys, you can really put people in the safest position so that they’re not in pain. That’s been strictly from Polestar – I would have never known how to do that before."

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